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All prices include VAT in the UK.
All prices include VAT in the UK.

Dryline No Seam 3 Way Duffle

by F/CE.®
Color: Gray



Seamless/seam, completely waterproof series. Put two overlapping pieces of cloth (parts) in a special machine and apply pressure. At the same time, a durable and seamless joint is completed by electromagnetic waves. Due to the special welding process, the two pieces of fabric undergo chemical changes from the molecular level, so there will be no separation or peeling. The main material is a tear-resistant nylon fabric made of CORDURA® 500 Deny, which is waterproof and has a reassuring strength. In addition, part of the standard structure of the DRY series uses special parts such as zipper lock parts. From bags to small accessories, it can be used with peace of mind under various conditions. All designs are inspired by high-spec sports accessories.

Key Features

  • A fully waterproof single product of the seamless thread in the DRY series

  • Adopt professional mechanical ultrasonic to fit the fabric, completely seamless and high waterproof.

  • Use CORDURA® NYLON original 500D high-strength, tear-resistant nylon fabric.

  • It can be used as a cross-body bag, a tote bag, a backpack, etc. as 3 WAY.

  • The design style between the messenger bag and the Boston bag can be used in many occasions

  • The opening part adopts a special ZIP ROCK (zipper lock) type, which is completely waterproof.

  • Comes with ZIP ROCK (zipper lock) special maintenance oil, which is regularly used on the opening and closing of the clip chain to keep it smooth and easy to open


  • Dimensions
    H 56 X W 26 X D 32 cm
  • Capacity: 

  • Materials:
    • 500D CORDURA® rip stop nylon (100% Nylon)
    • 500D tear resistant nylon (100% Nylon)