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All prices include VAT in the UK.
All prices include VAT in the UK.

CHIO Bag Shoulder Bag

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Color: Black


It goes without saying that here at A19 we are big proponents of the backpack but there are days when we need or prefer a smaller bag to carry our basic essentials. These are the items that you use and need excess to regularly. Understandably what these basic essentials are differ for all of us but you get the gist of it. So after almost a year of testing, evaluating and abusing our prototypes, we are finally releasing a new addition to our Alpha One Niner family, the CHIO Bag.

As mentioned we designed the CHIO to hold the basic essentials and mine is what is shown in the video below. These items I carry daily regardless of whether I’m back home, traveling stateside or internationally. What I do is add or remove additional items depending on where I’m going, how long I’m going to be there, etc.

For domestic and international travel, it is the Chio bag that I have below the front seat on a flight. I leave everything else in my backpack in the luggage bins above. Imagine being on a 14 hour flight and the lights are out; the last thing I wanna do is rummage through my backpack in that bin. I have all my essentials in my Chio including some additional items I bring for long flights, notably an eye mask, snacks, a travel toothbrush and oddly for some, a good shoe horn.....I kid you not! I'm sure other Longhaulers would agree with me.

The Chio has a couple of options including the use of the SERT V-Kit for those considering off-body carry. Now I will always recommend that you have your concealed carry on you but there are times or circumstances that does not permit you so off-carry now becomes an option. If that is the case then I highly recommend not getting into the habit of simply chucking spare mags or blades etc into the main compartment or the other zippered compartment. If you are going to use your Chio bag daily or on a regular basis and also take it with you for travels, then may I suggest you restrict such use to the larger rear zippered pocket. It would make it so much easier if all you had to do is check that rear zippered compartment before you head to the airport, cross state lines or step into a restricted building/facility.

And for more organization, the Chio now has two optional organizers that fit and mount inside the rear zippered compartment; Type 1 and Type 2 (with elastic webbing).

Finally, for those photographers among us, I would like to also mention the availability of the optional Chio camera pouch add-on. This pouch is also a stand-alone bag with its own shoulder strap. This well padded pouch has a hook bottom that helps secure it to the bottom of the Chio where you will find a corresponding inline strip of loop. In a quick instance you’ve basically converted your Chio into a small camera bag!

Key Features

  • A total of 6 zippered pockets:
    2 in front, 3 in rear and 1 in the main compartment.

  • Rear zippered pocket concealed/covert compartment lined with loops.

  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps

  • #8 Reverse YKK zippers


  • Materials:
    • 500D Cordura Nylon; Black, Gray, Med Navy
    • 500D Codura Kryptek Typhon and Multicam Black
    • Limited release - 1050D Ballistic Nylon

  • Inside zippered pocket in 210D Nylon ripstop

  • Dimensions:
    13" (W) x 10" (H) x 3.5" (D)

  • Volume:
    Approximately 9 liters / 550 cu2

  • Weight:
    Approximately 0.7 pounds (0.33 kg)